Kids making healthy food in class

In School & After School

Ironwill Kids™ is groundbreaking

The Ironwill Kids™ program is a fun, engaging nutrition experience that puts kids center stage in a show about healthy eating. Based on research and behavior change theory, Ironwill Kids™ teaches kids to think critically about food and their choices. It was developed with health education experts from Columbia University and aligns with national and state standards as well as the common core learning standards.

Ironwill Kids™ gives kids a voice

Co-created by a childrens TV writer who wrote for the company that produced Saved by the Bell, the program merges Hollywood with health education and puts kids center stage. Student-actors play the parts of the Ironwill Kids™, imparting nutrition information to a captive audience. It’s peer-to- peer learning. To amp up the fun even more, they roll up their sleeves and get cooking and grow a mini-veggie garden too. They gain skills to share with friends, families and communities, igniting a chain reaction.

Ironwill Kids™ is skills-based

Through engaging activities, students build health promoting skills, goal setting skills, critical thinking and decision making skills. They also improve literacy and reading comprehension.

Ironwill Kids™ is ten dynamic lessons

Designed for fourth to seventh graders, Ironwill Kids™ lessons are easy to implement. The program combines nutrition with English language arts, Math and Science, so it can be taught in any one of those classes. Of course it can be taught in Health class, too!

What You’ll Receive

Ironwill Kids nutrition materials

  • Individual student workbooks
  • Comprehensive teachers guides
  • Pre-post test surveys, including customized report to show impact on students
  • Instructional videos
  • Teacher training
  • Unlimited customer support

After completing Ironwill Kids™, students will:

  • Know the difference between processed and unprocessed food
  • Understand food labels
  • Know how to plant a veggie garden
  • Identify ways food companies influence their choices
  • Create a healthy smoothie and breakfast food
  • Know how to refuse unhealthy food when offered
  • Define the steps to making good food choices
  • Engage their families in healthy eating



Do I need a stove or oven for the cooking activities?

No. Each recipe is designed with that in mind. There is no cooking or baking involved.

How long is the Ironwill Kids™ program?

The Ironwill Kids™ program is made up of ten separate lessons. Activities can accommodate a 40 minute class or can be adjusted for different time blocks, including after-school sessions.

How many students may participate in the Ironwill Kids™ program?

There is no limit on the number of students who may participate in the program.

You can reach us at (201) 503-0031.

Some of my students have allergies. Will they be able to participate in the cooking activities?

It’s up to each teacher to be aware of any food allergies their students may have and to decide who can participate. However, all of the recipes used are free of nuts, eggs and chocolate and they are gluten, wheat and dairy free. They may be processed in factories that use these foods.

What’s the age range of the students in the Ironwill Kids™ program?

The program is designed for fourth through seventh graders.

Who are Will, Shareese and Zack?

They are three fictional young teens who narrate the program. Each class three different students take turns playing their parts in delivering the messages of each lesson. Will Shareese and Zack are an integral part of the program represented in videos and in the workbook.

Who teaches the lessons

The program can be taught by a science teacher math teacher health teacher or teacher of language arts. There is a teacher’s guide that accompanies the workbooks.

Will I need to buy the food and supplies for each food lab?

You will receive a gift card to purchase all materials needed for the cooking classes.

Will there be teacher training?

Yes. Teacher training for the entire program will occur prior to the start of the first lesson.