Better nutrition at home

Nutrition and Family Engagement

When Ironwill Kids learn about healthy eating, they school the entire family. They read food labels with their parents at the market and have a say in what goes into the cart. (Kids love to call the shots!) Getting families hooked on healthy eating is a big deal for us. Parents and guardians buy the food at home and decide what ends up on the table, so it’s key to get everyone on board.

IWF Connects with Families

Letters go home after each Ironwill Kids class describing what the IWK kids have learned. They include awesome recipes along with tips for healthy eating. Schools plan “Family Nights” where Ironwill Kids students take center stage and impress everyone with their smarts and smoothie making skills. Finally, parents take Ironwill Kids alongside their kids in after school and summer programs. (See video) When families learn together and commit to healthy eating, that’s when things really get cooking!