Growing  fruits and vegetables in class

Nutrition After School

Based on our popular curriculum, PowerUp! After School is a fun, engaging nutrition experience that puts kids center stage in a show about healthy eating. Created in collaboration with Columbia University, PowerUp! teaches kids to think critically about food and their choices – in a groundbreaking way!

It’s “Hollywood meets Health Education”

The creator of PowerUp! is a kids TV writer, so the program is like a cool TV show where student-actors play the Ironwill Kids and pass on important info. It’s peer to peer learning. To amp up the fun even more, they take part in hands-on food and garden labs that impart health-promoting skills they share with friends, families and communities. It ignites a chain reaction.

What else is there to know?

  • PowerUp! can be funded through grants like 21st CCLC, ASES, PEP and more
  • It builds health promoting skills, goal setting skills, critical thinking and decision making skills
  • Youth program quality is intertwined into each lesson
  • It engages families
  • It advances student achievement during the academic school year
  • It emphasizes ELA and improves literacy through drama
  • It supports you in retaining students for a minimum of 30 days per year
  • It provides customized reports to show impact on students

What’s included? Everything, that’s what!

  • Individual student workbooks
  • Comprehensive teachers guides
  • All food and garden lab material
  • Pre and post surveys
  • Instructional videos
  • Teacher training – produces experienced educator results, even with an inexperienced instructor
  • Unlimited customer support

Ironwill Kids nutrition materials