PowerUp! Nutrition Education for Kids

Kids Program

Hey everyone, we’re Will, Shareese and Zack… the Ironwill Kids.

We want to tell you about our awesome nutrition program.

Created by a kids TV writer and a professor from Columbia University, IWK teaches kids to think critically about food and their choices. It has a fun Hollywood angle – each lesson is scripted like a TV show where kids get up in front of the class and play the parts of the Ironwill Kids, discussing important topics about food and healthy eating. They also roll up their sleeves and go head-to-head in cooking competitions that are like MasterChef Jr. and Chopped, and even grow a veggie garden. IWK gives kids a voice, they’re the stars of this show and because the stories, characters and activities are so much fun, they become hooked!

Interested? We thought you might be, so read on.